If you’re looking for a company that undertakes vegetation clearing and green waste processing, recycling and mulching, we have you covered no matter the scope, location or size of the project. Our teams are experts and with our large fleet of specialty land clearing machinery ranging from a horizontal grinder, 21T excavator, tracked loader, forestry mulcher, numerous sized whole tree chippers, tippers and elevated work platforms from 12 to 24 meter working heights. We have the capacity to undertake a project of any size and scope. Tree care WA service mine sites, developers, civil contractors, utility providers, landscape companies and many more.

Over the years, Tree Care WA has been involved in several large infrastructure development projects such as.

  • Tonkin Highway Airport Upgrade – Gateway Project
  • Great Eastern Highway – City East Alliance
  • Grain Freight Road Widening in Wickepin and Darken
  • Forrestfield – Airport Rail Link
  • Wanneroo Road Duplication
  • Woodman Point – Watercorp upgrade


Tree Care WA’s large fleet of equipment ensures we have the capacity and diversity to provide a cost-effective and streamlined approach when undertaking clearing for our clients, whether in a broad open work site or in a small confined location. All our equipment is regularly maintained, serviced and checked to ensure they consistently meet and exceed regulatory safety requirements. Our staff are fully qualified, professionally trained, hold verification of competency tickets (VOC’s). Tree Care WA have extensive experience working in and around high-density populated areas, remote country locations, environmentally and culturally sensitive area.

Our extensive clearing services include:

  • Land clearing
  • Sub division clearing
  • Redevelopment clearing
  • Strata/green title clearing
  • Roadside clearing
  • Block clearing
  • Utility line clearing
  • Grubbing
  • Confined vegetation removal
  • Fire trails/break clearing
  • Strategic firebreaks
  • BAL fire clearing
  • Fence line clearing
  • Orchard removal
  • Understory selective clearing
  • Environmental sensitive clearing
  • Invasive plant clearing


Tree Care WA are equipped with a horizontal grinder that can undertake any green waste recycling requirement. Capable of processing large quantities of green waste into a variety of woodchip sizes. It is the safest, most efficient and cost-effective recycling machine available in Perth for processing green waste or timber products either in broad acre or confined locations. Recycled material can be either left onsite or removed and disposed of using our high-sided tipper trucks.
Having the only compact tri-axel wheeled horizontal grinder in Western Australia that can be transported unrestricted without floating, pilot or permits nor road or travel time restrictions. This machine is capable of undertaking works in confined locations within the Perth metropolitan area due to its smaller operational footprint, effectively eliminating expensive cartage and disposal fees to land waste facilities. By using Tree Care WA, you will have considerable savings on those small to medium sized waste recycling jobs in comparison to the larger conventional grinder machines that are designed for processing broad acre clearing and are more expensive to mobilise and demobilise from site in comparison.

Services offered include:

  • Shearing and downsizing of material
  • Green waste shredding/mulching
  • Regrinding/blending
  • Recycling of timber products
  • Recycling of trees and stumps
  • Damaged pallet mulching
  • Shredding services
  • Timber crates and box’s
  • Nursery bi-product recycling


Our forestry mulchers effectively shred standing trees and vegetation, including their root systems, with limited disturbance to the existing ground, leaving the resulting mulch to form an erosion barrier that will enrich the soil and assist with erosion control.

Using a forestry mulcher is faster and more affordable than traditional forms of clearing, and has the added advantage of being lightweight, compact and agile enough to operate in tight areas to minimises environmental impact. Our forestry mulchers are ideal for clearing large areas of scrub and overgrown vegetation quickly and efficiently.

Forestry Mulchers are perfect for:

  • Vegetation removal
  • Under story clearing
  • Strategic firebreaks
  • Track clearing
  • Orchard removal
  • Utility line clearing
  • Roadside widening
  • BAL clearing
  • Eliminating invasive species
  • Regrowth clearing
  • Fire mitigation works
  • Powerline mulching
  • Easement maintenance
  • Fence-line maintenance
  • Mine site clearing


Tree Care WA has one of the largest fleets of whole tree chipping machines in Western Australia.

Our chippers range in sizes from 12” to 26” capacity, with winches to assist in the recovery process of large logs and provide a powerful, efficient way for turning an entire tree into a usable chip that can be used as mulch to benefit soil, plants and improve landscapes.

No matter the scope, quantity or location of your mulching job, you can be rest assured Tree Care WA has the ticketed personnel, equipment and knowledge to get the job done right the first-time round with no fuss.