Commencing in 1991, Tree Care WA has continued to innovate and grow over the years, now employing over 35 professionally trained and skilled personnel. Our field crews, managers and administrative staff continue to deliver the same hi-standard of professionalism and quality service the business became known for. Over the years, whilst maintaining its reputation as being a reliable business that operates with integrity and transparency with its clientele. The vast range of services Tree Care WA now offers has developed, diversified and expanded considerable since those early days. This expansion has enabled the company to provide our clientele with a one stop arboriculture management service.

Tree Care WA takes great pride in the high level of employee retention it has, along with the continual development and promotion of its skilled staff into more senior positions within the company. We achieve this by continually striving to provide a high level of professionalism across the business through providing continual training, encouragement and keeping up to date with modern arboriculture practices used here and internationally.


Today Tree Care WA holds a range of key industry accreditations and memberships both nationally and international:

  • Tree Guild of WA
  • Arboriculture Australia
  • International Society Arboriculture (ISA).
  • WALGA Approved
  • Quantified Tree Risk Assessment (QTRA)

Supporting Communities

Tree Care WA believe in the importance of community and education, which is why we work with and support local communities to develop mutual partnerships with strong beneficial outcomes for all involved wherever possible.

As part of our commitment to community care, we actively support local Western Australian community groups, projects and workshops through education on the importance of proper arboriculture pruning and their associated benefits for the community.

Preserving the Environment

As a Company, we strive to minimise our impact on the environment and protect it wherever possible. We encourage regular formative pruning to all trees, large or small, to assists with correct growth, crown structure and for the overall health and longevity of the tree. We also encourage the planting of appropriate tree species in suitable locations and the retention of large mature trees wherever possible. Through preservation and correct arboriculture practices, we can all assist in the continual greening of a town or cities urban forest and benefit from the numerous social, ecological, economic and health benefits that trees provide us.

Encouraging Habitat Preservation

The native vegetation of Western Australia is recognised worldwide as being unique and requiring specific care. When local fauna is encouraged to inhabit a local area, the inset of potential pest infestations decreases considerably, which is why we encourage habitat preservation pruning where possible to assist sheltering opportunities.

At Tree Care WA, we have extensive sustainability policies and work procedures in place, ensuring our environmental focus remains consistent across all levels of our operations.