Looking for affordable, seasoned firewood that’s ready to burn? Our firewood is made from 100% recycled hardwood timber that has been sourced directly from trees that must be removed for various reasons.

When trees are removed as part of our service, we cut the logs into manageable rings or split them into smaller pieces suitable for compact fireplaces. The wood is then seasoned and sold as a budget-friendly source of heating during the winter months.

Sustainable firewood

Our commitment to recycling 100% of the hardwood timber that is suitable as firewood means we can transfer considerable cost savings onto our customers in comparison to our competitor firewood suppliers as no forestry license fees are required. In addition, most firewood suppliers collect their seasoned timber from the ground of previously logged forests, utilising invasive trucks and loaders in the collection process. This practice is detrimental to the environment as it disturbs and reduces wildlife sheltering and nesting opportunities and reduces the amount of decomposing organic matter on the forest floor, which in turn disturbs future sapling regrowth and native ground covers.

When purchasing our firewood, you prevent these destructive practices and assist in the rejuvenation of our great native forests. This is firewood you can feel good about, both in the savings to your pocket and the benefits to the environment.

Affordable firewood

Please note our recycled firewood is subject to availability and limited in supply. To ensure you don’t miss out on your allocation, please place your orders well in advance of the winter season to secure your supply.

Deliveries occur within the Perth Metropolitan area, with costs dependent on the delivery distance.

Planning now will ensure a cosy, warm winter season ahead.

For more information regarding availability, pricing and delivery of our recycled firewood, contact the office.