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Tree Care WA has been providing comprehensive arboriculture solutions to the residents of Perth for over 30 years and have comprehensive insurance policies in place for your peace of mind. All Pruning and Removal works are performed by our skilled Arborists who are professionally trained and qualified and undertake all works in accordance with the Aust Standards AS 4373 – 2007 Pruning of amenity trees. Our teams arrive with all the safety equipment to perform your works in the safest possible manner, tools of trade, specialty machinery and a truck and chipper to remove all the debris. Utilising the trained professionals at Tree Care WA you are ensuring the job is done in the safest possible manner, without damage and with the least possible disruption to your existing gardens.



Pruning is the most common method of tree maintenance, especially in residential settings. Regular pruning is highly recommended, as corrective and formative pruning determines the future shape, health, structural integrity and longevity of a tree.


Being tree care specialists, we are passionate about providing best arboriculture practices as trees help define an area, they continually influence cultures and contribute significantly to the atmosphere of a city, a town and a person’s property. Tree Care WA provide its clientele with the best practical solutions available from around the world to encourage the retention and the continual greening of our urban forests where possible.

Tree Care WA provides the following pruning services:

  • Corrective and formative pruning

  • Remedial and restorative pruning

  • Crown reduction pruning

  • Palm de-seeding / Frond removal

  • Property and infrastructure boundary line pruning

  • Dead wood removal

  • Hazard / Risk reduction pruning

  • Habitat and fracture pruning

  • Powerline clearances to regulatory requirements

  • Fire mitigation pruning



Our Arborists are proficient and are continually trained in the most up-to-date modern arboriculture practices utilised around the world, ensuring you always receive the highest-quality service available. We are meticulous in the planning and execution of each job from start to finish, we remove all cut material and ensure your property is left in a clean and tidy state upon completion. It’s essential you obtain accurate information when obtaining advice about pruning your trees. Contact the Tree Care WA office today so one of our consulting Arborists can assist with providing you with a cost-effective solution that reduces potential risk.



With over 30 years’ knowledge and experience in performing large tree and palm removals within the residential market. Our skilled Arborists will utilise either one of our modern elevated works platforms, cranes or perform the works utilising specialty climbing and rigging equipment. We are fully insured and are specialists in performing large dangerous tree removals in a safe controlled manner, no matter the type, height, size, location or nature of the job. There isn’t a job Tree Care WA’s skilled Arborists cannot perform safely.

Providing removal solutions for:

  • All tree and palms

  • Large, dangerous and dead trees

  • Removals in confined locations

  • Crane removal specialists

  • Professional rope access climbing Arborists for confined locations

  • Block clearing including stump removal utilising excavators and tracked loaders

Tree Care WA have a vast array of specialty machinery and equipment that allows us to provide cost-effective removal solutions with minimal disturbance to surrounding buildings, infrastructure and your existing garden. We are meticulous in the planning and execution of each job, offering a quality service from start to finish. We remove and dispose of all cut material, leaving your


property it in a clean tidy state upon completion. Our teams have at their disposal, elevated work platforms ranging in size from 12 to 70 meters, tracked bobcat, whole tree chippers cranes and articulated narrow access loaders to remove any sized tree in a safe manner.


Contact our friendly team today for a no-obligation free quote.

1800 960 811

0412 441 811

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